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Rio nightlife is famed to be the best in the world. It’s definitely a good place to spend a lot of time going out but you’ll need to adjust your cultural parameters a bit to really get the best of it. Whilst there do exist some interesting clubs, many of the best scenes are all on the street in sporadic gatherings of samba blocos rehearsing for carnival or just street parties like in Lapa or Gavea.
Nightlife in Rio is not about getting drunk and picking a fight either, it’s a very light, buzzy affair where the idea is to chat and flirt to the maximum. Whilst everyone drinks beer and cachaca, you’ll rarely see anyone too drunk to walk here. Getting trashed isn’t the Rio way, getting laid


Friday, January 15, 2010



Vancouvers clubs are opening their doors to visitors and showing how Vancouverites like to party! Here is a list of some hot Olympic events।



bars and night clubs

Soundbar presents another great Saturday night with their resident DJ’s and their sexy dancers. There will be three rooms with three different styles of music to accommodate your preferences. Sound Bar is a very stylish and modern night club.
Inside you will find yourself in a jungle of great looking people and splendid high-tech environment. The surroundings include custom-made furniture, smoky glass and seven stainless steel bars. So dance and drink all night at Soundbar this upcoming Saturday!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Write , Comment & Communicate with Others: To my students

Write , Comment & Communicate with Others: To my students


A country wich posses a melange of sea and snow,shores and mountains,fused with ancient wonders wich have been preserved untill today,is a true marvel in itself.
However,lebanon is not solely comprised of natural wonders,it has some man-made ones in its possession too.It has a rich history of ancient civilizations wich have graced its soils,leaving behind architectural and cultural remains.

*Shiny Disco Ball*

one of the unique events this year was entitled "shiny Disco Ball":the Mega 70's & 80's Concert Event,wich brought toghether thousand of people,all joining in their love and appreciation for music from the past decades.The attendees,although ranging in age and background,sang their hearts out and pulled a few outdated moves on the dance floor.

*PACHA Ibiza World Tour*

Pacha is one of the hottest clubs in Ibiza,also known for its breathtaking,jaw-dropping females,dressed in the most daring of outfits.This year,the team flew to lebanon,leaving some of the males drooling at the mere sight of them.Besides the women,Pacha Ibiza is also known for its addictive music,recently launching their lastest CD.

*Comedy convention*

The comedy Convection left the crowds erupting in laughter.Famous comedian Ahmad Ahmad who has visited Lebanon several times over,shared his latest skits with the full house.